Water cutting

Water cutting is an innovative method in which high-pressure water stream cut any kind of material. Such cutting solutions are exceptionally precise and give good edges. By processing we can cut any shapes. Our machine enables us to work in hard materials as steel and soft as foams and rubber. We ensure efficient order fulfillment.


It is possible for us to do water cutting in materials like:

  • metal and stainless steel, tool and structural steel
  • natural stones, f.e. granite, sandstone, marble
  • glass, mirrors
  • ceramic, gres, glazed tiles and terracotta
  • wood and plywood
  • plastics
  • foams and rubber

Our machine

We have modern and efficient water cutting machine WaterJet. This appliance is made of European components from reliable manufacturers. It gives the possibility to cut metal and any other material which has the thickness from 0,1 mm to 200 mm. Thanks to the used technology it is possible to cut things without heating, hardening and deformation.


Advantages of water cutting

  • precisely and tidily cut material edges 
  • repeatability of measurements
  • unlimited possibility of shapes
  • low production cost
  • wide range of materials to cut in
  • environmentally friendly method

Cutting parameters

Axis motion range

  • X-axis: 4100 mm
  • Y-axis: 2100 mm
  • Z-axis: 200 mm

Sheet dimensions

  • up to 4050×2050 mm

Cutting thickness

  • 200 mm