Water toys and attractions

Atis Nature

The new collection responds to social needs, offering modern design. The devices guarantee various water effects: fine mist, drops, scattered stream, water arc and waterfall. The knobs allow to change the power of the stream, so it is an opportunity for independent initiative for children and the rotating elements enable them to build water labyrinths. Our products have been designed to respond to the needs of children with various physical capacities. The new series consists of over 20 products inspired by the world of plants and animals, from which you can freely create deserted islands, forests, parks, secret gardens or magical lands.

Clone 55Nature 201
Clone 75Nature 202
Clone 95Nature 203
Clones – setNature 204
Azalea 90Nature 205
Azalea 180Nature 207
Azalea 130Nature 206
Azaleas – setNature 208
NasturtiumNature 209
VioletNature 210
CloverNature 211
MarigoldNature 212
CornflowerNature 213
LavenderNature 214
MallowNature 215
PoppyNature 216
Grass – setNature 217
DaffodilNature 218
Bell flowerNature 209
RowanNature 220
LimeNature 221
FlamingoNature 222
CloudNature 224
BaobabNature 224
BambooNature 226
StormNature 223