Nature series

In the last several months of 2020, we were looking for an answer to the question of how a water playground should look like in the future. We involved research teams, designers and technologists. We took into account the needs of users with different physical capabilities. With the support of modern technologies, the Nature collection was done. It is available in our offer for the 2020/21 season. The series sets standards for the design of equipment dedicated to modern public spaces. It combines innovation and interactivity, provides a lot of fun and is an answer to social needs, taking into account contemporary trends. 23 toys and a lot of opportunities for the arrangement of water playground areas.

The inspiration for the design of the new collection was the analysis and then the synthesis of the world of plants and animals. As a result, toys with modern shapes were created, which users can interpret freely. The distinctive feature of the new series is unique aesthetic and water effects such as fog, rain, dispersed water stream, water arc and waterfalls. In addition, when designing the Nature collection, we set ourselves the goal of ensuring maximum interaction between children and devices. We have proposed knobs that allow children to change the power of the water stream. In two toys: Clone and Azalea, we also used rotating elements that enable the users to build water labyrinths. The toys are of various sizes – from small ones like Clone, through medium devices, such as Flamingo, to large ones with a height of about 4 meters like Bamboo.